We are CreMan

CreMan was established by Marcel Blanken towards the end of 2002. Before establishing CreMan, Marcel worked as a CFO and Controller with many large international companies.
His realisations about the quality and service in the credit management segment have contributed to the establishment of CreMan. The basic idea behind our service is to satisfy our customers quickly, flexibly and accurately with a small but highly motivated group of professionals. We strive to achieve this by ensuring excellent communication with our customers, meeting our commitments, having a simple and clear reward structure, and—most importantly—satisfying the needs of our clients. In addition, we see it as a challenge to solve complex cases which may involve a dispute.

Our clients vary from medium-sized to stock market listed companies. Our clients always have single contact points responsible for the files being handled; they will continue to serve as your contact point during the legal proceedings, and you can also follow your files online and in real time.

Our objective is that we would like to work together with you to improve your credit management activities. CreMan also strives to be the best service provider in our segment, striving towards achieving this goal each and every day! We would love to further emphasise this in a personal conversation. Should your interest have been aroused, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can reach us by phone at +31 (0)35 – 539 55 66 or e-mail your request to info@creman.nl.

Postbus 137
The Netherlands
T. +31 (0)35 – 539 55 66
F. +31 (0)35 – 538 12 70
E. info@creman.nl

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