Through our website, you can turn your existing customers or potential customers requesting a credit report . This is available in various formats from a simple ‘ credit score report with limit’ to a full credit report.

The following three reports can be obtained from us:

Online Credit Report
With a line of credit report , you have direct access to our database of Dutch companies. View sample report

Online Credit Report Plus
With Online Credit Report Plus you have direct access to our database of Dutch companies , but we also offer an update service on the trade . So you’re aware of the latest changes . Such as who has the power of attorney within the company at this time.  View sample report

Advanced Credit Report Netherlands
With Expanded credit report you limit your financial risks to a minimum with up- to-date information from your contacts. The expanded credit reports come directly from our database. Our analysts do personal research , analyze the available data and provide advice. This opinion is based on most current accounts, payment experiences and cadastral information. View sample report

Foreign Online and Offline credit report.
More than 85 million businesses are registered in our database and online internationally . The reports are in the English language with a sound credit advice. However, if your company is not available online , ensuring our analysts ensure that the report still get delivered within a reasonable time by mail . We work with the most reliable partners in each country , so that we can guarantee quality.

For more information on pricing and features, please contact one of our account managers by phone +31 (0)35 – 539 55 66 or by sending an e-mail to:

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