If, despite going through the various stages have been no payment, then after your approval and our advice, the claim shall be handed over to the legal department of CreMan. The lawyers CreMan then take care of the entire process. We carry all legal proceedings entirely in-house matters where the judge is authorized.

We always advise you to explore the narrative possibilities to then see if the legal process is worthwhile.

Before each procedure, you will receive a proposal from us. This approach ensures that you will never be unpleasantly surprised at the cost. We also have our own bailiff.

Also during the execution of the sentence, we keep “finger on the pulse.” We do this in part by giving clear instructions to the bailiff. After all it is your money and your customer, every debtor requires its own approach.

Want to know more about legal collection procedures? Please contact us, we gladly offer you a free consultation.

gerechtelijke procedures

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